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Default Re: Looking for one piece Swimsuit lesbian movies/scenes

I've seen some online, where they don't put a mosaic mark on the girl's twatt, while she's wearing the one piece swimsuit, but when it's time for the swimsuit/clothes to come off, mosaics are automatically turned on.

I don't understand it myself! You can read/view pornographic comics in public and it's acceptable and not frown upon in Japan. Most Asian girls, I've seen, are bushy already so what's the point of adding mosaics on top of that?

I was just wondering if there were anything else that were made focussing on one piece swimsuit lesbian beach/pool where ever, scenes made elsewhere than the mosaic-lawed countries or is it country.
There's an insane amount of porn being made by the rest of the world, I find it hard to believe that it's that difficult to even find what I'm looking for.. I really don't think it should be that difficult. It seems I would have more sucess at finding girls having sex with albino Gorillas or the Loch Ness Monster.

Sincerly, am I the only one that loves to see a girl in a one piece swimsuit? it's so much hotter than a bikini!! in my opinion. So top that with two girls in those swimwear and make them kiss and rub on each other before they enjoying lesbian sex!

Why is that so hard to find?
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Looking for one piece Swimsuit lesbian movies/scenes

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