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Exclamation Rachel Steele - MILF247 - Don't Cum in Me Son!

Rachel Steele - MILF247 - Don't Cum in Me Son!

MILF 247- Don't Cum in Me Son! - (part 1)
This is part one of a two part video. Rachel's son was watching MILF porn and he came across his mother in several videos. He jerked off as he saw her sucking young cock, guys younger than him! Rachel came in from the laundry room when she saw her son jerking off; she looked at the T.V and saw it was porn. Rachel yelled at him telling him she didn't want that smut in her home. He told her he saw her in the videos and he wanted her to suck his cock like she did the other guys. Rachel refused and took the remote away from him. Her son told her he would tell his Dad if she didn't do it. He ordered her to strip, she made a deal with him this once and he would keep quiet about it. Rachel got on her knees and tugged at his shorts, he pulled them down to show her his massive hard on. She wanted to finish him off so it would be a done deal. She sucked the head slowly then she tit fucked him. He moaned how good his mom felt. Rachel just wanted it to be over so she jerked him fast, he loved it. Rachel finally pulled a load out of her horny young son all over her face, she even licked it up to please him. When it was over Rachel ran out of the room upset and feeling guilty. Her son had an evil grin on his face, it wasn't over for him.


MILF 247- Don't Cum in Me Son! - (part 2)
This is part two of a two part video. After Rachel had been discovered on a MILF porn site by her son, she was blackmailed by him into giving him a blowjob. She was upset and felt guilty, she ran into her bedroom. He soon followed her in. She sat up and asked him what he wanted, he told her he wanted to fuck her and cum in his mother. She begged him to please leave her alone. He said no. She had no choice. Rachel took off her clothes and her son pushed her down spreading her legs he mounted her and forced his cock deep inside her tight pussy. Rachel screamed when she felt him inside her, he was so much bigger and harder than her husband but she knew this was so wrong. He fucked her hard while she whimpered. She jumped off him and said she would just suck his cock again, she grabbed his cock and sucked it but he wanted to fuck so he pulled her on top of him, she was wet so he slid right in, he held her tight so she couldn't get away. Then he came in her, she got off and said, "we are done!". He wasn't done. He forced her on her knees and fucked her doggystyle. She begged him to hurry up and whatever he did, she pleaded with him not to come in her. He talked nasty to her, telling her how good it felt to fuck his mom. Rachel felt him ready to explode, she yelled at him to cum on her ass not in her. He pulled out and jerked off to his sweet mom's ass then when he was ready to cum he shoved his cock back inside her and let it all go. Rachel screamed out in a mix of anger and pleasure. She had never been fucked like that before but the guilt was overwhelming. She pulled away and spread her pussy open to see a cream pie, her son had filled her with cum and it was dripping out of her. She was very upset and didn't know what to do. She lay back in his arms and looked him in the eyes. "please don't tell" she said, he held her tight and promised he would never tell of the passion they shared that day.

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Rachel Steele - MILF247 - Don't Cum in Me Son!

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