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Default [RS] Roommates (1982)

Roommates (1982)

Director Chuck Vincent

Samantha Fox .... Billie (casting director, ex-prostitute)
Veronica Hart .... Joan Harmon (drama student/actress)
Kelly Nichols .... Sherry (model/party girl)
Jamie Gillis .... Joel (photographer's assistant)
Gloria Leonard .... Billie's ex-madam
Jerry Butler .... Eddie (bisexual actor)
Bobby Astyr .... Mark (sales representative)
Jack Wrangler .... Jim (recording studio manager)
Phil Smith
Josh Andrews .... Ted (Joan's drama teacher)
Rex Capizo
Patricia Dale
Margo DuMont
Frederick Foster
Ron Jeremy .... Dick, Mark's unsure client from Illinois

Scene 1. guy, Veronica Hart
Scene 2. Kelly Nichols, Ron Hudd
Scene 3. guy, Veronica Hart
Scene 4. Jack Wrangler, Samantha Fox
Scene 5. 2 guys, George Payne, Kelly Nichols, Ron Hudd
Scene 6. Jamie Gillis, Kelly Nichols
Scene 7. Ron Jeremy, Samantha Fox
Scene 8. Jerry Butler, Veronica Hart
Scene 9. Bobby Astyr, Samantha Fox

This is a serious attempt to look into the lives of three different woman that come together as roommates in New York. Each of them were attempting to step out of their old, abused selves and start new lives. Although they try to support each other's goals, their old lives creep back into their work, relationships, and apartment. They meet abusive men just as before. However, this time, each is affected differently. One falls back into her old ways, one finds her dream, and the third manages to keep an even keel, only
to end up looking for two new roommates to start over again.

This Chuck Vincent-directed drama (with X-rated sex scenes) is one of very few adult features that crossed the street into the mainstream -- at least for a week or two. After playing X-rated venues, it was re-cut and released in mainstream theatres across the country with an "R" rating. It's easy to see why. It's an engaging girls-about-town drama that boasts convincing performances and a believable series of conflicts which are truthfully resolved by an exciting conclusion. Samantha Fox, Veronica hart and Kelly Nichols are the three female leads; all had appeared in countless X-rated features prior to this. Hart, now directing quality porn under the name Jane Hamilton, impresses greatly as a budding actress in a loveless relationship; she's natural and very attractive. Vincent regular Larry Revene photographed the pic while Vincent and regular scripter Rick Marx shared the screenplay.

year: 1982
size: 704 mb
duration: 88 min
files: 3
video: 576 x 432, 29 fps, 135 kBit/s DivX
audio: 112 kBit/s MPEG Layer-3

all previews:

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