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As promised my final instalment of the "Hard2Find" series which is set in an adult theatre. The guy who produces/directs these movies and whose voice you can hear in many of the productions is, in my opinion, a dime short of a nickel. This can be born out by the fact he has just been imprisoned for transporting animal/people porn videos across state lines; not the first time he has been prosecuted for this either, he got fined before = this time he got 33 months. This sadly manifests itself in all his productions with poor lighting, a really antiquated camera and lack of ability on his part to keep the camera on the action because he is too busy socialising. This was his last production before he was sentenced and as I have said is shot at night, with only torches/flashlights and ambient lighting so it could have been 1000% better. It really doesn't do the girl justice as she is putting herself on the line because she barebacking untested strangers that even the theatre manager does not know. I will not include screencaps because they would not mean a great deal but I will include a pic of the girl talking with our illustrious producer before she goes into the theatre.

The Girl

The Movie

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