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Default Spanked At Home Mega Collection [35 Video] Updated

Spanked at home (001-005)

Alcohol & Cigarettes - Part 1 & 2 - Best friends Maggy and Sandra meet at Maggy's home to spend some 'girlie' time together while Maggy's boyfriend is out. Even though they know that it is strictly forbidden, they start to have a great time; drinking alcohol and smoking cigarettes. After watching her best friend being spanked by her boyfriend; Sandra is sent home. However, Alex has not yet finished with Maggy whom he decides needs to be taught a severe lesson ...

The Telephone Bill - Maggy is terrified when the telephone bill arrives. It is extremely expensive and Maggy realises that this is all her doing

and she also knows too well the consequences of such behaviour. Maggy decides to simply hide the bill from Alex, hoping that he will never find out! ...

Never Again - Coming home from work, Alex finds a full packet of cigarettes in Maggy's bag. He has already made it clear to the girl on many occasions that smoking is an absolute *NO GO*! ...

Harsh Consequences - This is a movie about the purity of a caning. No big story lines or plots, we simply go directly to the caning action!

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Spanked at home (006-010)

Feeling horny and thinking that she is all alone in the house, Maggy jumps into bed with one of her 'toys' to play with herself a little. Imagine her surprise and horror when her boyfriend Alex appears and makes it clear that he is very unimpressed with her actions ...

Chatting one day with her best friend, Maggy discovers a "dream" of a dressing gown on the internet. Of course it is way too expensive for her, so she decides to buy it anyway, but uses one of Alex's creditcards! ...

Sandra and Maggy come home from a sports lesson. While Sandra is having a shower, Maggy has a moment of weakness and fishes out 200 Euros from Sandra's purse! Sandra finds out of course and tells Maggy that she will contact Alex and tell him that this little thief needs a really good spanking. This is the last thing that Maggy wants and therefore she makes a deal, whereby instead of informing Alex, she will let Sandra get her own back by letting Sandra spank her instead ...

Being stupid enough to let Alex's mobile phone fall into a sink full of water, Maggy has to face up to the consequences ...

Alex is trying to get Maggy up and out of bed, as she has an important exam at school that day. Maggy tells him that she's feeling unwell and besides there is no exam today and she will stay in bed instead. Alex is suspicious and decides to take Maggy's temperature and inserts the thermometer in her anus ... Of course, it comes out that the girl was lying and therefoew she has to take a severe spanking ...

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And guys, a thank you wont take as much time as it took me to make this post, just to keep it alive and encourage me to post more videos...Enjoy.
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Spanked At Home Mega Collection [35 Video] Updated

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