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Spanked at home (011-015)

Alex is driving Maggy to a job interview, but unfortunately they are going to be extremely late because Maggy took so long to get dressed and ready to leave. On top of all this, Maggy insists that they stop for her to go to the toilet and by the time they arrive for the interview it's very late indeed. What with all the stress of being so late, Maggy does not get the job. Once home again, Alex is furious that she has failed the interview, because it was all Maggy's own fault!

Maggy has failed her final exams at school and has lost her chance to attend University. Not only has she let herself down, but also Alex who is completely fed-up with Maggy's recent behaviour of non-stop partying and non-existent studying! Alex tells the girl that she will have to take the year all over again, but this time she will attend an old traditional English school, located in their town. Maggy is presented with her new school uniform which she has to put on. Alex then demonstrates with the cane, what she can expect as a daily procedure for the coming year, should she fail any exam.

Arnold comes home and is very irritated to find that his precious CD collection has been totally messed up. He angrily calls for Justine and immediately gets her to strip naked so that he may punish her.

Justine receives a hard hand spanking to warm her bottom up nicely for the cane which soon follows across her already sore buttocks. Still not satisfied with his punishment, Arnold then fetches the table tennis bat and proceeds to smack Justine's quivering cheeks placed in the diaper position and her fully exposed bottom is reddened further ...

Justine and Arnold have just returned from a short vacation, where they have has a great time together. However, Justine is dismayed to find out that Arnold is very upset with her, as during their vacation, she has completely disregarded her diet and was eating and awful lot of sweets and even drinking beer! Vacation or no vacation, Justine is fully aware that she must stick to her diet, otherwise she will become fat and now Arnold is going to make her face the consequences! To ensure that she never forgets her diet again, Justine is severely spanked on her bare bottom with the large hairbrush. This is a particularly painful instrument which soon leaves it's mark on Justines naked buttocks, which are soon bright scarlet and very sore indeed!

Maggy is desperate to go to a party to which she's been invited, but Alex has forbidden her to attend. Poor Maggy is so determined to go, that she has a crazy idea - once she and Alex are in bed, she waits for him to fall asleep and then she slips out of bed and sneaks off to the party, leaving Alex snoring!

Unfortunately for Maggy, Alex is wide awake and waiting for her on her return the next morning and of course he is furious because he knows exactly what Maggy has been up to. In a bad temper, Alex hauls the girl over his knee for a long and very hard hand spanking, before moving on to a painful leather paddle. Maggy's bottom is soon very red and sore, but Alex is not finished with her and he makes her bend right over and touch her toes ...

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Spanked at home (016-020)

Maggy is for once being a good girl. She's in the bedroom, lying on the bed, studying hard. However, she has been told many times that to study properly she must sit at the table with her books and not lounge about on the bed. So when Alex discovers her studying in the bedroom again, is he very angry that she has disobeyed him once more. He decides to teach her a lesson of his own and fetches the carpet beater, which he uses to great effect on Maggy's bottom. At first the swats are concentrated over her trousers and then with trousers down, over her panties. When Maggy's bottom cheeks are fully reddened and glowing, she is made to remove her panties altogether and the carperbeater punishment is finished off on her bare bottom, making her buttocks bounce and swell ...

Justine is preparing herself because she is going out with her (girl)friend. But Arnold knows how Justine can behave when she is out, partying with her friends. She drinks, smokes and really behaves like a bad girl. So Arnold decides to give her a little reminder about what will happen if she misbehaves.

First over his knee, Justine soon learns how painful it is to be spanked severely by the wooden spoon, the wooden paddle and the leather paddle ...

Maggy is at home with lots of important homework to finish. However, as usual, she is easily side-tracked and finds herself playing a game on the PC instead of studying. When Alex enters the room to check on her, he catches her playing the game and orders her to stop immediately and get on with her homework. Maggy stubbornly continues with the game and ignores Alex completely. A very cross and upset Alex fetches a cane, and insists that as she is so determined to play the computer game, she must continue to play right until the end of the game. The only problem for Maggy, is that Alex will cane her bottom throughout the whole game play, right to the end! Maggy's bottom is sure to be very striped and sore by the end of the game and she wishes she'd simply finished her homework instead!

Arnold returns home to find that once again, Justine has been eating sweets - lots of sweets! Despite the fact that she is supposed to be on a diet and despite frequent warnings and reminders that eating sweets during the week is forbidden, Justine has once again ignored this instruction and simply gorged herself on sweets.

This repeated disobedience urges Arnold to give the girl a strict and severe reminder and he soon has Justine over his knee with her knickers dangling and her reddened bottom cheeks bouncing to the rhythm of his spanking. Due to her flagrant disregard for the rules about sweet eating, poor Justine soon finds herself beding over a chair with her bottom pushed well out, to receive a number of particularly severe strokes with a cane

Alex returns home early one day to continue his work on his home computer. He is completely confused when he finds that his PC has somehow disappeared! He calls Maggy on her mobile phone, to ask what she knows about the mystery of the missing PC. To his absolute shock and horror, he learns that Maggy is right at this very moment at a "flea" market and she has sold his precious computer! Alex is of course beside himself with anger, as his PC is essential for his work and Maggy is well aware of this. He orders the girl to return home immediately.

When Maggy arrives home, she knows what to expect and she is immediately hauled over Alex's knee; her panties are ripped down, exposing her bare bottom to a blisteringly hard and prolonged hand spanking. Finally, when Maggy's buttocks are very swollen and red, Alex releases her and demands that she returns to the market to retrieve his PC and that she had better dare not return home without it!.

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Spanked At Home Mega Collection [35 Video] Updated

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