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Spanked at home (021-025)

Maggy is feeling very horny and thinking that she is all alone in the house, she puts a porn movie on her PC and settles down with a pack of cigarettes to enjoy the movie.

She's so engrossed in the movie that she bearly notices Alex suddenly entering the room, but she soon realises that he's there, when, without discussion, she feels the hand of her very shocked and angry boyfriend land sharply on her bottom! A blistering spanking across Maggy's bare bottom follows this intial surprise and to her dismay, she also feels the sting of Alex's cane as it swishes against her upturned cheeks. Maggy soon learns what happens to dirty girls who watch porn and smoke cigarettes!

Maggy has brought her friend Kathrin home to meet Alex and to ask if Kathrin may be allowed to stay at their house. Maggy explains that Kathrin's parents have thrown her out of their house, being totally fed up with their daughter's disgusting behaviour and bad attitude. Evidently the girl has been playing truant from school, smoking cigarettes, and drinking alcohol and her parents have simply washed their hands of her and so right now, Kathrin has nowhere to live. Alex of course has his reservations, but none the less he agrees, but he makes it very clear that Kathrin must follow some very important house rules. To make his point crystal clear, he takes the new girl over his knee and gives Kathrin the first spanking of her entire life!

Poor Kathrin is taken entirely by surprise as she is spanked firstly across her jeans and then with her jeans pulled down, she is spanked hard over her little panties. Alex makes a final point of pulling her panties off and spanking her on her by now already red and sore bare bottom as a special "Welcome to our Home"

Justine has failed her English exam ... When Arnold finds out, he gets a upset, of course, because he knows why she had no time for learning.

He immediately fetches the cane for Justine as no discussion is required. After a good OTK warm up for Justine's bottom, she soon feels the sting of the cane again. Just to make sure, Justine is not enjoying her punishment, he orders her to kneel during the punishment. The caning is even more painful this time, as Arnold is using tree different canes, a thin, a medium and a thick one...

Kathrin finds out that Alex left home and his bedroom could be the perfect place for having some private moments pleasuring herself.

While having fun with herself, Alex is suddenly entering the room. He is full of anger right away and puts the girl immediately in a humiliating diaper position for a good hand spanking. With already bruised buttocks, Kathrin has to fetch the wooden spoon for Alex and gets a hard lesson of such a bad misbehaviour over Alex's knee ...

Alex is relaxing with his book and has settled down for a good read. Maggy enters the room and she has other much more interesting things on her mind.She sits on Alex's lap and he is soon quite happily distracted from his book! However, when he is kissing and touching Maggy, his shand slides under her dress and is is shocked to discover that Maggy is not wearing any underwear at all! Alex is furious by her slutty behaviour and he instantly takes the girl over his knee and gives her already bare bottom a damn good spanking. Maggy's buttocks soon become red from the onslaught of hard spanks from her boyfriend's hand. Alex then reaches down and pulls off a slipper from Maggy's foot and continues to blister her already very sore bottom with the slipper ...

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