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Spanked at home (026-030)

Arnold has given Justine some money to purchase some school books which are important for her continued studies. However, Justine accidently lets it slip that she does not have the latest English school book that she should have bought with the money he gave her. Not only did she not purchase the English book, but neither does she have the money left over, whic means that she has spent the money on herself instead!
Arnold is very angry indeed and he takes immediate and severe action. He grabs Justine and spanks her bottom hard with a wooden brush until her cheeks are crimson and swollen. Not entirely satisfied, he finishes off by blistering her bare backside with the paddle...

Alex is relaxing with his book and has settled down for a good read. Maggy enters the room and she has other much more interesting things on her mind.She sits on Alex's lap and he is soon quite happily distracted from his book! However, when he is kissing and touching Maggy, hi shand slides under her dress and is is shocked to discover that Maggy is not wearing any underwear at all! Alex is furious by her slutty behaviour and he instantly takes the girl over his knee and gives her already bare bottom a damn good spanking. Maggy's buttocks soon become red from the onslaught of hard spanks from her boyfriend's hand. Alex then reaches down and pulls off a slipper from Maggy's foot and continues to blister her already very sore bottom with the slipper ...

Alex is driving home and finds Maggy directly on a main street standing there with a big sign in her hands. He immediately can smell that something is not right with this situation and Maggy soon has to reveal that she was trying to hitchhiketo Berlin. Absolutely not amused about this absolute misbehaviour, Alex gives Maggy an outdoor spanking, directly where they are.
Back at home, Maggy soon feels the carpetbeater reddening her bottom ... Further to this he takes her finally over his knee to give her a good reminder to behave better in the future ...

Justine looks through the post and finds a ”pick up your pack at the post office” paper. It was addressed to Arnold, and since he is at work she is going to pick up the pack for Him. When she is home again, she could no longer hide her curiosity about the packet and opens it. What she then finds is: two new canes, two looped canes, a tawse and a really compact wooden paddle.
Of course, Arnold finds out about Justine's disrespectfulness with regards to his packet and soon she finds herself over his knee with an angry Arnold trying out directly the new tools on her bottom. Tears guaranteed!

Maggy and Alex are preparing themselves at home for a very important dinner with Alex's boss. For this very special evening, Alex wants Maggy to wear a very old bead chain he got from his Grandma. Proud to have the honour to wear this antique necklace, Maggy gets very nervous and as things happen, it soon gets broken in her hands and all pearls are scattered over the floor.
Furious about her recklessness with this 70 year old jewel, Alex immediately lets her strip down and takes her over his knee. He promises not to stop, until she got all pearls together again ...

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Spanked at home (030-035)

Alex is relaxing at home with a good TV program, when the door bell is ringing. Although, she should have a key for the appartment, it's Kathrin who was disturbing him. Abashed, she is telling Alex that she has lost the key.Since Alex is now responsible for Kathrin and her behaviour, it's more than comprehensible that he expresses his responsibility with a spanking. After an already severe OTK spanking with a leather paddle, Kathrin has to stand an even more severe caning on all fours until she bursts into tears ...

In the morning, Maggy is still in bed and sleeping deeply. Alex wakes her up and asks why she is still in bed and not in school. Being a little bit at a loss for words, she says that there is no school in the morning, not knowing that her teacher has already called Alex.
Furious about this laziness and lying on top, he takes immediately over his knee for a long and harsh spanking with the hand. During her cornertime after the spanking, she calls Alex a *dosser*, which leads into a further caning on her bared bottom..

Not satisfied with her bad performance in her english class, Arnold is doing a spelling test with Justine. Not enough that she has no book to learn, she pretends that she doesn't need that book at all. Of course, Justine fails completely and Arnold gives her a spanking with a birch rod, she was told to prepare the day before.
Just to make sure, she learns at least, he gives her severe strokes on her bared buttocks for every misspelled word she wrote down.

Maggy is coming home from her first day in a new, strictly english school. She gives her report from the first day to Alex.
He can see immediately, that there has been an incident where Maggy has been caned in fron of the class.
Unhappy about Maggy's bad start at the new school, he decides to continue to spank her at home. Starting with a severe OTK with a hand, he soon proceeds with the leather paddle ...

Because of her bad performance in the past days, Arnold decides to give Justine a good reminder about her duties.
The Saturday is good enough to announce a *Punishment Day* for Justine. He starts with a severe Hand spanking and soon proceeds with a wooden brush, which leads Justine immediately to tears...

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Spanked At Home Mega Collection [35 Video] Updated

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