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Default Jenny Heart...anal vid

Does anyone have the vid of her which ends with her doing anal? I have two hardcore vids - one where she and bf play around with a sybian - they potter around a while in a fairly uninterested way - no-one appears to cum, and it ends with them taking photos of each other. The other one, she has pigtails, and they screw around on the bed. The bf appears to climax at the end, but in her mouth. Really weird - both seem stoned out of their brains. I've seen screencaps for the anal vid, but no links to the movie.

I'm not tempted to join the site, as I've read that the content does not match what's claimed for it. The vid quality is certainly poor, with dumbass muzak soundtrack. BUT...she has the most astonishing body, and is something of a one-off IMHO. Someone on another forum said she used to work in a club in Florida, and was a complete crackhead. Anyone have any views, knowledge to share, Please??

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Jenny Heart...anal vid

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