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Default Rockstar Pimp - Amber Rain **18/07/09**

Rockstar Pimp - Amber Rain **18/07/09**

Amber Rain - Amber makes it Rain
Added: July 18, 2009
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Bar none the filthiest animal of a girl to get filmed by rockstar Also one of the coolest chicks on the hardcore set. anything goes with amber.. you can fuck any hole , any way, any time. she is not only accomodating, but loves to get her head stepped on, ( which i cant really figure, but hey, whatever turns you on), and loves to get choked out. the whole football team probably could not fuck her hard enough, she is out for some real pussy punishment. For her grand finale, or her coup de grâce, amber takes it to the last drop by licking my huge load off the floor again and again. The porno apartment is filthy , and we never mop that floor. There is so much jizz residue I am kinda grossed out myself, but amber is a real shining star. licks it all up like a dog., You go girl, what a slut, but a really good sport too. This filthy animal is by far the nastiest bitch Ive ever fucked…EVER.

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Rockstar Pimp - Amber Rain **18/07/09**

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