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Default Re: [RS][NL] 2006 Bangbus Episodes

Have You Seen Me
August 30, 2006

So Alb, Whiteboy and i came upon this chick named Bianca walking alone in the rain on her Ipod and carrying some really heavy groceries , We pulled up and asked her if she was in need of a ride or some help with the bags, and she just kept on walking on paying us no mind at all but finally we got her to stop and have a chat with us , See what happened is Jmac saw this girl in a nearby market while getting something to eat and asked me to find her when he came out to get back inside the van ... Anyways while trying to get her to come with us some of her neighbors started coming outside to see what was going on and I think that she decided to get in the van more over the basis that Bianca wanted the money but didn't want to look like a hooker in front of all her neighbors receiving the money to hang out with us ,, So anyway she got in and we headed out , Bianca I think was a little weird . Not butter in her butt and lollypops in her mouth weird but like an in the closet HOBAG Cocksucker to be exact . One of those girls that wanna take a dick down the throat while another from behind but would have to do it fucked up on some beach at night at some party in mexico so that nobody she knows would ever find out about it ... and well thats fine and all but the doctor inside of me thinks that not to be healthy one bit ... so I don't look at this update as hurting her in the end just because everybody she knows will now know of her hobaggyness , But a good thing because now she can share it with the world and have something different to talk about with her parents over thanks giving dinner this Year anyway enjoy D


Lia Lopez
September 6, 2006

It's Wednesday and time for another bus. This weeks hot young thing is a girl named Lia Lopez who I like to call LaLo. She was the hottest Cambodian chick I've ever seen. "What Al-B?" I've been corrected by Albion. She was Colombian. Any who, this girl was top of the line, grade A Colombian ass and if I was straight I'd hit that any day. J/K. I swear I'm straight! I must admit Al-B's gay ass fuck! Ha Ha Ha. As I write this Al-B is looking at me with disappointed eye's. Dude no wonder you were voted worst driver in bang bus history. You're to sensitive man. Hell, Pancho would take my abuse with stride. You gotta be more like Pancho. He don't take anything to heart! I'm completely off track. Oh ya the girl! So she had caramel skin, a great ass, and great tits. I asked her to direct me to the nearest gas station but she couldn't put the words together to make a proper sentence. So I invited her to come along and show me sense talking was a bit hard for her. Must be the Cambodian in her. Anyway, After a hundred dollar incentive she was game. Her and the guy that was with me hit it off really good. I forgot that guy's name. "Al-B!" "What's that dude's name who came with us today?" "Jared!" So her and Jared really hit it off. Needless to say they we're having sex in a matter of minutes. The blowjob was amazing, the sex was great. Doggy, mish, reverse cowgirl. The girl was on fire. The cum ended up on her face. We dropped her off in front of some condos and never saw her again. DIRT


Nicole Mitchell
September 13, 2006

What's going on dudes? Uncle Sanchez has a new fly in his weekly trap. Let me tell you how it happend. Me and my loyal niggaz: Al B & JMac where hunting around South Beach. It was hot outside so we decided to pull over and buy some ice cream. Then we saw this chick who was crossing the road right in front of us without even paying any mind to us. So J Mac tried to hit on her but poor boy didn't get lucky. Then it was my turn. I speak the language of money, baby. After 5 minutes. This girl, named Nicole, found herself talking with us and completely forgeting about her original destination which was Yoga class. We offered her a $100 bucks for an interview and a ride (honestly we didn't mention what kind of a ride)Wink, Wink. Her story about who she was and what kind of a person she happend to be wasn't quite interesting to listen to. I decided to explain to her what kind of ride we really were talking about. A creepy one. J/K $5000 on a debit card that I found somewhere got her to agree with the proposal. What a nice round ass on this girl. She sucked J Mac's dick like a wild woman. Wild I tell you. WILD!!!Then she got on top of him. That was hot! Drop off was classical. I bet she's gonna remember the time she spent with us. Every single time she see's a bus driving by. Alway's do them DIRT.


September 20, 2006

This week's bus comes to you courtesy of Gotti. No! not the mobster. He's some new kid hanging out at BangBros. This kid is like a female magnet. He can pull any girl, I swear to Gotti. Anyway, I've been a little under the weather lately and my girl trapping skills have been a bit off. So Gotti calls Al-B and he's talking about how he scored with some fat chick. I was cool with that. A fat chick is better than no chick at all. Plus everyone knows fat chicks give good head. So we get there and the girl wasn't fat at all. She was hot! She had great tits and a fabulous ass. Gotti told her the old "we interview people for money story." That shit always works. How vein are women when 90% of the time that works? It's like,"Hey baby you wanna get on the bus?" "HELL NO!" "You wanna get on the bus so we can ask you questions about yourself?" "Well when you put it that way, SURE!" Girl's are weird sometimes. They sure are fun to fuck though. Gotti hit that ass from all angles. He had the rythum of a drummer, straight tapping that ass ,u no wat im sayn? Anyway, hope you guy's dig the flick, Oh ya the girl gives amazing head. Watch the trailer for visual confirmation. –Sanchez

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[RS][NL] 2006 Bangbus Episodes

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