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Default Re: [RS] SPB - Russian Full Movies from SPB

The list of the available SPb videos changed. New files were added to the initial list.

This is the updated list of all 94 videos available today (including those posted in Milena Lisitsina's thread)

I hope you enjoy them as much as I do. There is a lot still to come.

Posted above

SP-0194 Sex Russian way.avi
SP-0309 Cops.avi
SP-0314 Sexual Petersburg 1.avi
SP-0325 Rural holidays.avi
SP-0345 Sexual Petersburg 2.avi
SP-0351 Fight For This.avi
SP-0362 Chalet fun.avi
SP-0365 Seksualny Peterburg 3.avi
SP-0676 On the command of Tatiana Taneyev - Babushkiny fairy tales.avi
SP-0710 Kolobok (Babushkiny Skazki).avi
SP-0751 Princess Frog - Babushkiny Fairy Tales series.avi

To post

SP-0359 Russian Girl Photographer.avi (Uploaded)
SP-0385 Beautiful life.avi (Uploaded)
SP-0393 Bledovoe Battle.avi (Uploaded)
SP-0394 Cops 2 (Case doctors necrophilia) (2000).avi (Uploaded)
SP-0490 Luka Mudishev.avi (Uploaded)
SP-0533 Fantasies of Izvrashchentsa.avi (Uploading)
SP-0559 Hussar Bludni.avi (Uploading)
SP-0565 Institutki Na Kinoprobah 1 (2001).avi (Uploading)
SP-0580 Institutki Na Kinoprobah 2 (2001).avi (Uploading)
SP-0605 White Nights Of St Petersburg 1.avi (Uploading)
SP-0626 White Nights Of St Petersburg 2.avi (Uploading)
SP-0638 White Nights Of St Petersburg 3.avi (Uploading)
SP-0661 White Nights Of St Petersburg 4.avi (Uploading)
SP-0675 Peter I - The Great womanizer.avi
SP-0694 Village Group Sex.avi
SP-0711 Moscow Asses (Moskovskie Popki).avi
SP-0722 Party members.avi
SP-0752 Interracial Sex.avi
SP-0757 Sex boom in 'BADA- BUM'.avi
SP-0760 Yes, There Were Rams In Our Time.avi
SP-0762 Russian School Girl 1.avi
SP-0768 The sailors have the questions.avi
SP-0773 Procuress.avi
SP-0774 Sovrashenie-1 (Seduction-1).avi
SP-0851 In The camera Of the tortures.avi
SP-0897 Sovrashenie-2 (Seduction-2).avi
SP-1055 Sovrashenie-3 (Seduction-3).avi
SP-1081 Ecstasy White Nights (2004).avi
SP-1084 Seducing on the peak of the pleasure.avi
SP-1118 Russian Housewives.avi
SP-1119 Institute Of The Noble Maidens 1.avi
SP-1120 Petersburg - Passion Arena.avi
SP-1162 Best of Hai Hakim (2004).avi
SP-1170 House 2 or as to be occupied by the love (Elena Berkova).avi
SP-1179 Eugene Onegin.avi (Uploaded)
SP-1180 Institute Of The Noble Maidens 2.avi
SP-1182 Debutantes 1.avi
SP-1183 Debutantes 2.avi
SP-1200 Russian Lessons in proper sex.avi
SP-1215 Otpetye gang (2004).avi
SP-1217 Barska Hunt.avi
SP-1218 Maslennica.avi
SP-1220 Mymry.avi
SP-1337 House 3 Their First SPring HQ.avi
SP-1337 House 3 Their First SPring.avi
SP-1353 House 4 Sexual Heat.avi
SP-1355 Casanova School 4.avi
SP-1356 Apartments Blowjob (Kvartirniy Otsos).avi
SP-1358 Russian bisexual.avi
SP-1380 Factory of stars 2.avi
SP-1463 Tatushki.avi
SP-1464 Tatushki plays with toys.avi
SP-1498 My Pig (2006).avi
SP-1499 Tatushki.avi
SP-1538 Russian Pie.avi
SP-1575 Shkolniza 5 The majority party.avi
SP-1576 Emergency (sexual aid) (2006).avi
SP-1585 Tatushki (gentle age).avi
SP-1586 Tatushki (new girlfriend).avi
SP-1587 Tatushki.avi
SP-1588 Tatushki (Solo party).avi
SP-1619 My Sister Nanny 1 (Home) 2007.avi
SP-1620 My Sister Nanny 2.avi
SP-1646 Night shame (2007).avi
SP-1670 Debutantes 6 debjutantki.6.avi
SP-1677 Debutantes 3.avi
SP-1691 Tatushki.avi
SP-1692 Tatushki.avi
SP-1713 Tatushki.avi
SP-1777 Tatuschki new Russia Girls.avi

Posted in Milena Lisitsina's thread

SP-0758 Russian School Girl 2.avi (Posted)
SP-0805 Ball at Satan.avi (Posted)
SP-0855 Viy (Babushkiny Fairy tale of Viy) Milena Lisitsyna.avi (Posted)
SP-0856 Fountains Of Love (Fontany Lyubvi).avi (Posted)
SP-0895 Russian School Girl 3.avi (Posted)
SP-0896 Russian Schoolgirls 4.avi (Posted)
SP-1056 Elusive avengers again in fight.avi (Uploaded)
SP-1057 Cinderella.avi (Posted)
SP-1148 Chapaev.avi (Posted)
SP-1163 Best of Lisichka (2004) Milena Lisitsina.avi (Posted)
SP-1164 Pink Petersburg - 2 (Lesbians).avi (Posted)
SP-1178 City of the Future (2003).avi (Uploaded)
SP-1181 New Don Juan (2004).avi (Posted)
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