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Default Re: [DF][HF] L$GM0dels. Beauti HD V!deo.

Jessica & Charli "X-File".
Dur: 2:44. WMV 1280x720. size 65.89 MB

We shoot so many models throughout the year in London, San Francisco and Europe that sometimes we archive footage and then forget about it. Then someone finds it and thinks it's pretty hot and should be on the site. So here's an extra from Charli and Jessica.
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Chantal & Tammy "Extras".
Dur: 2:15. WMV 1280x720. size 54.39 MB

Here's an encore performance from Tammy and Chantal. Tammy gave Chantal a good licking while Chantal helped out by providing a probing finger. Hey, you gotta do what you gotta do to get your mojo working. And it seems Chantal's mojo is working just fine.
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Nicol "Chillin".
Dur: 4:48. WMV 1280x720. size 115.33 MB

LSG members will be familiar with the sultry Nicol. When she asked for something long and hot to suck on we had no idea she meant a cigarette. It made her even more alluring as far as we're concerned. Mind you, it helps to be drop dead gorgeous, too.
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Ivana "Classic".
Dur: 4:17. WMV 1280x720. size 103.24 MB

Ivana is a very large-breasted, classic beauty. Tall, dark and fabulous, she just oozes confidence which we think adds to her sexiness. When she's not posing naked she works fully-clothed as a manager at her father's car business. With headlights like hers, that seems appropriate.
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[DF][HF] L$GM0dels. Beauti HD V!deo.

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