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Default Re: [RS] SPB - Russian Full Movies from SPB

SP-0490 Luka Mudishev

SP-0559 Лука Мудищев (SPb Title)

Carnal Desires of the Sin City (Western title)

Year 2000

Director: Thai Tatiana and Sergey Volkov (Татьяна Тайская и Сергей Волк)

Cast: Anastasia, Veronica, Ekaterina Morozova, Elizabeth, Zinaida Kuzmina, Zlata, Marina Kuvaldin, Pauline Polyanskaya (Анастасия, Вероника, Екатерина Морозова, Елизавета, Зинаида Кузьмина, Злата, Марина Кувалдина, Полина Полянская)

Length 1h56

A feature based on a famous poem written by Eighteenth Century pornographic poet Ivan Barkov. For more information visit

I don't resist the temptation of transcribing Wikipedia's description of the poem Luka Mudishev.

A major work from this corpus is Luka Mudischev (Лука Мудищев), a story of a low-life Russian dvoryanin (noble) from an old family which was given nobility due to the size of their penises (his last name Mudischev is derived from a highly obscene word муда́ meaning testicles). He is paid to have sex with a bored widow and kills her with his eight-vershok long (36cm long!!!) phallus in process. In the end, he and madame kill each other. However mundane the plot is, the poem manages to tell a lot about daily life of that time and place and is partially a satire directed towards odd nobility politics and social practices of that time.

Just imagine what SPb made out of this.

Scene 1. Polina Polyanskaya + guy
Scene 2. Anastasia + guy
Scene 3. Zlata (DP, Facial), Roman Streletskyw unknown guy
Scene 4. Elizabeth, Veronica, guy
Scene 5. Ekaterina Morozova, guy
Scene 6. Catherine Morzova, Zinaida Kuzmina, Marina Kuvaldin
Scene 7. Ekaterina Morozova (TP), 3 guys
Scene 8. Ekaterina Morozova (Anal) + Sasha
Scene 9. Ekaterina Morozova, Anastasia, Veronica (Facial), Elizabeth + 4 guy

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[RS] SPB - Russian Full Movies from SPB

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