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Default Viva la Bus - Tiffany Meadows

Viva la Bus – Tiffany Meadows

Tiffany Meadows - Trailer Trash Tramp
Man do I love trailerparks! In fact a trailerpark is where I had first met Ugly when we were kids, I remember it like it was yesterday a friend of mine told me that there was a chick in the trailerpark that gave amazing handjobs but when I got there to my suprise it was Ugly wearing a wig and dressed like a women giving handjobs to crusty old men!!! I was so disgusted by what I was seeing that I almost threw up right there but to make a long story short I gave Uggs a 10 spot to see what the rave was all about and we have been friends ever since... On this days video I decided to scoop up a friend of ours named Bonnie she was a girl that I had met on the streets months earlier. When we finaly all got together we all decided to cruise a nearby super dirty trailerpark for a chick to bang and we ended up running into Tiffany! This chick looked like she was born and raised in the joint when we pulled up to her she was chilling in a lawnchair reading cosmo smoking cigarettes looking like she was enjoying a day on the beach. Tiffany seemed to be a cool chick, just seemed like she has a had a really difficult break in life her mother had something like 5 kids with diffirent men is a drug addict and a fucking hooker/stripper hell of a role model for a young lady such as tiffany. Which is why I think she was so ready to jump in the van with us and fuck an absolute stranger for some fast cash

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Viva la Bus - Tiffany Meadows

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