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Default Re: [DF][HF] L$GM0dels. Beauti HD V!deo.

Charlie "Terrazzo" Part 2.
Dur: 3:22. WMV 1280x720. size 213.4 MB

A little stroking, rubbing and some slapping is sure to get any woman's pussy wet. And young Charlie shows us how it's done to perfection. This beauty enjoys a finger-licking orgasmic experience all from the questionable comfort of her tiled bathroom floor.
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Lola K "Playmate" Part 3.
Dur: 3:47. WMV 1280x720. size 199.97 MB

Lola returns for the final part of her sexy masturbation trilogy. This pretty little picture of perfection is the epitome of sexual composure as she lays back on the dining room table, spreads her legs and shows us her delicious pink pussy and golden phallus.
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Micaela "Ballerina".
Dur: 3:40. WMV 1280x720. size 85.76 MB

Micaela is one of the more exotic examples of beauty we've filmed at LSG. Adorned in ink, she told us she loves the pain of the needle pricking her skin. Now, we're no fan of tats on the beautiful skin of the sensual female form but Micaela certainly makes up for her inky indiscretions in other departments.
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Bianca "Logger".
Dur: 4:42. WMV 1280x720. size 109.94 MB

Just one look at Bianca's lean, toned, tight young body and you can see this young woman likes to take care of herself. And she does so in more ways than one. After all, there's nothing more relaxing than a little clitoral stimulation after a long, hot, sweaty jog.
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[DF][HF] L$GM0dels. Beauti HD V!deo.

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