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Default Re: [RS] SPB - Russian Full Movies from SPB

SP-0559 Hussar's Lechery
SP-0559 Гусарские блудни
Love Adventures of the Hussars
(Western title)

(DVD Resol. + Eng Subs)

SPb Russian cover and the Western cover

Director: Thai Tatiana (Татьяна Тайская) and Sergey Volkov (Сергей Волк)

Year 2001

Filename: SP-0559 Hussar Bludni.mkv

Length: 1h57:40


Anastasia (Анастасия), Veronica (Вероника), Daria Drozheva (Дарья Дрожева), Ekaterina Morozova (Екатерина Морозова)

Zinaida Kuzmina (Зинаида Кузьмина), Zlata (Злата), Marina Kuvaldin (Марина Кувалдина), Polina Polyanskaya (Полина Полянская)

Poor Russian ladies in that small town. The ladies are abandoned and in desperate need of attention by their husbands.

As we are told in the movie, in that town,

men "Eat and drink and fuck their servants. In their beds they only sleep

Women's vaginas are something itching they can't sleep because of fucking fate"

In such desperate situation the ladies try to help themselves.

It is good. But it is not good enough.

Scene 1. Ekaterina Morozova, Zinaida Kuzmina, Marina Kuvaldin

Fortunately help is on the way. Colonel Eldakov and his hussars are arriving.

Lodging in the prominent citizens homes, the officers quickly realized the ladies problem.

Always at the service of the people and ready to to help those in need, the officers raised to the occasion.

And the first to be helped is "Fuckibenina" Varvara the young widow in need of urgent maintenance. Colonel Eldakov himself takes care of her.

Scene 2. Veronica, Cyril Telegin

Then came the turn of lieutenant Babsky to fulfill the urges of the Etitsky's family young lady.

Scene 3. Polina Polyanskaya, Leonid Gudkov

Under pressure by the land owner lady, the major "couldn't hold not the pressure of his penis inside his army trousers"

Scene 4. Zlata, Roman Streletsky

Back in Etitsky's family home, lieutenant Babsky could not fail to attend also Parasha needs.

The beautiful brunette servant had already caught his attention before.

Hearing all that noise the young lady of house tried to find out what was happening.

Time for a threesome.

Scene 5. Daria Drozheva, Polina Polyanskaya, Leonid Gudkov

Earl Pripizdulin loved his life pleasures. Eating, sleeping, drinking, playing cards were the joy of his life.

But taking care of his wife needs was not in his agenda.

Fortunately there was a young Hussar close by.

Scene 6. Anastasia, guy

So much feminine attention. Even the brave Hussards need a rest.

But no chance. Etitsky's young lady and her servant Parasha are in no mood for a rest.

They became addicted to the Hussars.

Scene 7. Daria Drozheva, Polina Polyanskaya, Leonid Gudkov, Nikolai Chernykh

But all good things come to an end.

The troops are on their way to their new quarters.

But before leaving, the brave Hussars and the town ladies still have time for a memorable farewell party.

Scene 8. Ekaterina Morozova, Veronica, Anastasia, Polina Polyanskaya w/ 4 guys

Poor ladies.

Back to dry season.

1.40 Gb / 01:57:43 / 688x560 (Displays 751x560) / MKV / AVC H.264 / AC3 (DVD Original soundtrack)

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