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Default Viva la Bus - Spingbreak Scraps

Viva la Bus – Spingbreak Scraps

Jada Love - Spingbreak Scraps
Jada is another movie from our springbreak archive. We found her looking a little dazed and confused chilling near a stream in Southbeach she really looked like a girl that had been doing to much partying.... But when we pulled up to her we noticed some dude that had already pulled over and was checking her out, then he got out of his suv and walked to the back of it popped the hatch open and started putting on some leather work gloves. As we continued to watch he had all kinds of wierd shit in the back of his car like big black plastic bags a saw and some rope!!! So we were all thinking this dude was going to try to grab her and chop her up somewhere so I started calling her over to let this dude know that we were right there watching him which totaly scared him off.... After Jada and I talked a little bit I noticed right away that she was a big pot head and would do anything to hangout and smoke some green... So in my quick thinking I had Ugly roll some tobbaco up to look just like a joint and told her that we could all hang out together and smoke needless to say Jada loved that idea just as much as the idea of making some quick cash to hang out with thee coolest cats in the city of Miami

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Viva la Bus - Spingbreak Scraps

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