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Default Viva la Bus - Karina

Viva la Bus – Karina

Karina - Cheating Karina
Karina is from Argentina and she has caught a pretty raw deal since she arrived in the USA. She has a dead beat boyfriend that doesn't take care of her and cheats on her all the time. Karina also had a job but all her boss wanted to do was fuck her, so she found herself really alone in a very big country with no friends or family. But the USA is the land of opportunity and we were about to give her one to make some easy money...... When we found Karina she was at an ATM trying to pull out some cash but to her surprise her account had been cleaned out. I think that would ruin anybody's day but after talking to her a little I thought Karina seemed smart and the type of girl that is very focused on getting what she wants. She wanted money and I think a little revenge against her boyfriend, so I instantly thought make a video of her and another guy fucking and show it to her boyfriend. She loved that idea hell hath no fury than a pissed off girlfriend but when I told her that we would even give her some money too she said she would be totally down for fucking around with JMac and letting me record it. So after we were done I had JMac go with Karina and take the tape into her house to confront her boyfriend and tell him that the relationship was over...but things didn't go exactly as planned check it out!!!!

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Viva la Bus - Karina

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