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Default Viva la Bus - Passion

Viva la Bus – Passion

Passion - Here it goes Anal
Sanchez usually writes the story for the updates, but he dosen't know shit about the hood. That nigga is white! I, on the other hand, know a lot about the hood. Anyway, after hours of scouring the streets, several rejections, threats of calling the po-po and a bottle being thrown at us, we see this slender sexy young thing strolling down the block skin tight white pants gleaming. Hey, you selling that pussy? is what I probably said. After a few akward moments of her reminding us of our skin color, the lure of cash was enough to get girl off the streets and into our van. After Sanchez had his fill of interagating her on hood life, we stripped that ho down, buttered her up and dicked her down, you know how we do! She even took my dog Jmac's cock right up her ass! Chyeah! ANAL!!!! Enjoy, Ugly.

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Viva la Bus - Passion

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