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Default [BDWC] Little White Chicks...Big Black Monster Dicks 16

[BDWC] Little White Chicks...Big Black Monster Dicks 16

Country: USA
Category: Anal, Interracial, Straight
Duration: 1h 53mn

Director: Jake Steed
Studio: Jake Steed Prod

Starring: Britney, Gabriella, Jake Steed, Jake Steed, Jessica Dee, Star E. Knight, Victoria Wood

100% Interracial with the Standard Icky, Creamy & Gooey Cumshot Facials Well, I'll be a monkey's uncle! These monsters have done it again! Hot diggity dang... the monsters are slicker than owl shit in an okra dish! How they manage to keep escaping the law and our lynch mobs and getting away with this shit every time has got to be the next great wonder of the world! Is this where my hard earned American tax dollars are going? After workin' under pick-up truck after pick-up truck in a hot, greasy sweat shop 60 hours a week... and losin' almost half of my paycheck to Uncle Sam, where in tarnation is my homeland security? I mean, if you ask me, I say call in the troops! It's war... and if you ain't with us, then you're against us! Let's catch all these fuckin' monsters and serve 'em good ole, old fashioned American justice like the good ole days!

Video quality: DVDRip
Video format: MPEG
Video codec: MPEG1
Audio codec: MPEG Audio (mp3)
Video: 1 073 Kbps, 352 x 240 (1.304) at 29.970 fps
Audio: 224 Kbps, 2 channels, 44.1 KHz
Size: 1,11 Gb

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[BDWC] Little White Chicks...Big Black Monster Dicks 16

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