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Default White nights Of St Petersburg 1

SP-0605 White Nights Of St Petersburg. Night 1

Белые ночи Санкт-Петербурга. Ночь 1

Calendar says it is Summer, but here where I am, there is so much rain that I'm not anymore sure.

So, I decided to commemorate Summer with the white nights of Northern Europe by the end of June, when there is no real dark night.

To do this, I am posting the 1st of the 4 episodes of the White Nights Of St Petersburg according to SPb.

A true Festival of public sex in the magical town of St. Petersburg during the magical white nights.

The filming of this series created another controversy around SPb because not only they shot the scenes in public places, but they choose to do one of them in front of a cathedral (2nd scene of this episode) which is not really a great idea. Have a look at this newspaper news piece:

But the most amazing thing in that newspaper piece are these 3 paragraphs:

His work at SP Company (Sergei Pryanishnikov owner of SPb) has also brought him attention from the Prosecutor's office, which has been trying, unsuccessfully, to have him convicted for distributing pornographic material - activity prohibited by Russia's Criminal Code. He has also been charged with the production of pornographic materials. He was arrested in July 2000 and kept in custody until September 2001, when he was released on the condition he not leave the city, Vedomosti reported. His case has yet to be decided.

The chief reason that Pryanishnikov has never heard a judgement in a case is that, while pornography is illegal in Russia, there is no agreement among law-enforcement agencies on what the definition of pornography - as opposed to erotica - should be.

"According to one draft, which has not been signed by the president (Putin at that time), pornography would be defined as material depicting human sex organs," Pryanishnikov said. "So this would include dildos and vibrators, as well as many statues and paintings in the State Hermitage. Haven't you seen them yourself?"
Pornography is illegal in Russia!!! Everything in this thread must be optical illusion.

This episode of the White Nights is a collection of 6 short erotic stories

- Love under the Sphinx - Natalie (Anal, Facial) & guy
- Walk among ancient columns - Eva (Facial) + guy (this is the scene in front of the Cathedral)
- Ghosts of the Summer Garden 3 girls + 3 guy
- A short history on the background of [/SIZE]«Astoria» - Anastasia Melnikova (Mast Only)
- When a divorced bridges - Irina (Anal, Facial) + guy
- Sex on the height of bird flight " - Olesja Derevko (Facial) + 2 guys

Full preview


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