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Default NEW SexVilla2.058 MOD version 300 by K17

NEW SexVilla2.058 MOD version 300 by K17

In SV2.058 mod V300

- All nipples available for all models.
- Added Nipple color adjust.
- Added voices for Jenna and friends.
- Added one hair style (Barbie).
- Increased max. penis length.
- Increased skin brightness range.
- Rename Atomic Tits to SuperSizeMe.
2. MODELS: (At the beginning of list for now)
- Added all Hentai3D models.
- Unlock Jenna and friends.
- Alexia (with new body type).
- Jenny (with new body type).
- Natasha (with new body type).
- Added all Hentai3D clothes/outfits (except cowgirl for now).
- Added yellow latex bikini top/panty/boots(2)/gloves.
- Added Yellow Latex outfit;
- Clothes are not remove automatically during poses.
- Corset with bra.
- Atomic tits with clothes.
- Move pasties and nipple chain to back menu( so it can be wear with other top).
- Domiation of Men.
- Remove intro.
- Added all Hentai3D rooms.
- Added 5 Dildos(3 fats, 2 Normal).
- Remove company name on screenshot.
- Can skip to the money shot.
- Change order of models; new ones/jenna and friends/SV/Hentai/mens.

The idea for V3XX is to have one mod version to install with everything on it.

Thanks to all HongFire members for their contribution and Oxins/Ama-Gi for the Oxins Style version.
Special thanks to ShadowX, Marburg and MadHatter for their tools who made this mod possible,
and Torrac for is beta testing.

I have work hard on this MOD, so a simple "thanks" would be appreciated.


Here is the link for installing the game and mod 300 (Oxins style);
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NEW SexVilla2.058 MOD version 300 by K17

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