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Talking How to learn to suck from himself! Lessons of avtofellation!

How to learn to suck from himself! Lessons of avtofellation!

«Avtofellyatsiya possible!» - Thinks everyone who first heard about it! Yes, avtofellyatsiya indeed possible, but in order to get what everyone expects, you should not take the easy way out.

Friends, so what is a «avtofellyatsiya»? The word translated means fellatio suck penis, respectively, autofellatio - suck in their own, his own penis. «Samootsos» - by the word of the people mean the same thing, but more formal term for this concept - «monoseks».

What you need to avtofellyatsii?
The desire to make a blow himself, literally, only a hidden message, which occurs nearly men of all ages and sexual preferences. Most immediately dismiss it as of something impossible. In fact, avtofellyatsiya is attainable for almost every man. But to translate the desire into reality, you'll need a how to deal with. So how can avtofellyatsiya, and, indeed, the depth of penetration of the penis into the mouth depends on many factors, namely:

length of the penis;
the flexibility of the torso;
directly posture.
Many of these factors include as a member of the long-term ability to maintain erection in a pose «embryo». It seems to me to avtofellyatsii it has no special meaning, when the body is developed to a sufficient degree of flexibility. Another point is that when classes samootsosom difficult to breathe because the chest, so to say, is.

And so, if you decided to really make a blow himself. What to do this? To get started, it is necessary to remember the most important thing: the chance that you get at the first attempt will be made avtofellyatsiyu negligible! For quality monoseksa requires multiple training sessions, in particular on the development of flexibility of the spine. To do this, the most favorable second half of the day, when the body completely away GRT sleep and enough flex the. It is recommended to do a small job avtofellyatsiey scamper to take a hot relaxing shower. What's next? Then only some recommendations. I hasten to note that while the implementation of the recommendations I have neither the author nor this blog is not responsible for your health do not bear! All at your responsibility.

There is a need to lie on his back so that the abandonment of legs back, they could be into something uperet, for example, on the wall. Spine to bend in some breast department.
Pre-head need podlozhit anything extensive, so that the chin related chest. As this subject, you can use a pillow or bolster. The head should be possible to approach the hip.
Now you need to do warm-up back. Because the legs in our focus, you can bend their knees. You can help your hands to bring each bowl as close as possible to the head, hands, hips engulfed. The back will sag gradually better and better. Hands can be uperet elbows at the surface of the bed or floor, and brushes - at the base of the back (as in the performance of gymnastic birch).
Perform long-term exercise is not recommended. Better to break a few warm-up approaches to 15-20 repetitions. Try to give at the warm-up not less than 10 minutes to the spine was sufficiently flexible.
After that you can achieve a normal erection convenient way. Once a member can be found in martial status, take the original position and tried to reach out to the language of the head. It's fine if avtofellyatsiya failed the first time, keep warm up. In the case of ease of erection, relax, disseminate, HAVE A REST of posture «zyu», play with a member.
Couple months of training, and you will naturally make the blow himself.

I want to say that avtofellyatsiey not get involved if you do not want to become alienated in a small score
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How to learn to suck from himself! Lessons of avtofellation!

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