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Default Re: [DF][HF] L$GM0dels. Beauti HD V!deo.

Billy "Stoker".
Dur: 4:17. WMV 1280x720. size 100.74 MB

Bubbly Billy tends to get rather excited every time we ask her to get naked and masturbate. She just can't wait to lay back and spread herself wide for anyone who cares to watch. And we all cared very much about watching. We also remembered to film her exploits, thankfully.
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Viktorie "Medic".
Dur: 3:47. WMV 1280x720. size 88.42 MB

Okay, so maybe Viktorie isn't a real nurse but who cares? She looks spanking hot in that shiny white nurse's outfit. Of course, wearing white lace-topped stockings and heels certainly adds to the sex factor. And let's not forget that pretty face and seriously hot body.
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Vanesa "Intrigue" Part 2.
Dur: 4:09. WMV 1280x720. size 97.06 MB

One gorgeous naked blonde, one white sofa and hit the record button. That's how easy it was to shoot this very erotic scene of Vanesa playing with herself. Sometimes it's just the way a girl looks into the camera that turns you on. But when they've a body this hot and a face that pretty, well, Bob's your uncle.
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Billy "Stoker" Part 2.
Dur: 2:35. WMV 1280x720. size 60.4 MB

Young Billy just pulls aside her white panties and strokes herself into a state of ecstasy. Seems she likes to slap her pussy into submission and there's nothing more erotic than those wet slap sounds with each fast, little spank. No wonder her pussy started turning a darker shade of pink.
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[DF][HF] L$GM0dels. Beauti HD V!deo.

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