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Default Party members

Party members SP-0722

Члены партии SP-0722

Red Flag of the Communist Party (Western Title)

Director: William Kronshtayn (Уильям Кронштайн)

Cast : Alexander Miller, Alexander Samarskii Elena Demidova Igor Ivanov Oleg Sokolov Mary Carter (Александр Миллер Александр Самарский Елена Демидова Игорь Соколов Мария Иванова Олег Картер)

A Komsomol (Comunist Party Youth) cell somewhere in the Russian countryside.

The education of the Russian youth in the ways of the Revolution is a duty for every Party member. Everybody devoutly respects this most sacred obligation.

Thanks to SPb, now we all know why the Soviet Union went belly-up.

The Party members had more urgent business to do than to take care of the State affairs.

Have fun.

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