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Ero Cup Soccer 1st. Half - 11 Men VS 11 Women

The description: the people from East as always think out that that.... Does not suffice to them usual porn, but the imaginations have a lot of. In this case above mentioned comrades have decided(solved) окинуть by a narrow look the game, most popular in the world, with a ball - football. So brief description: 11 women and as much of men were going in a sports hall in мячик to play, have divided(shared) commands(team) to a sexual attribute and the judge has given свисток to the beginning. Now to the game. Game makes rather oppressing impression. TO PLAY THEY ARE NOT ABLE!!! As results in inevitable infringements, on which is constructed simple сюжетец. For usual penal - take in a mouth, for rough infringement with a yellow card (or goal in a gate) - are engaged in sex already on the present, well and red card - here and group sex.... I think, that the rules broke also goals in a gate caught one girl it is not necessary to speak)
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