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Default Spanking Solo Girls. Big collection.

Solo spanking. Clip 1

Hey Gang, Thank You for helping me relieve some of my stress tonight!! Even when there is no one here I can always count on all of you!! I had an awesome time, hope you did too xoxoxoxo! Michelle

SWF, 320x240, 18.9 Mb, 26 min

Solo spanking. Clip 2

Hello Everyone!!
Well today is the first official day of Moi by myself. Mom left for Venezuela this morning.
Thank you for joining me today so I don't feel completely lonely these days ...
I have always been a strong believer that fate works in weird way! Last night right
before I went to bed, Katrina called me to wish me a Merry Xmas!! WHAT???????
no phone call, nothing and then all of a sudden she decides to call ...
The conversation was a little weird, awkward, uncomfortable ...
I don't' know ...

SWF, 320x240, 26.3 MB, 35 min

Solo spanking. Clip 3

Thank you for being there for me tonight!! I am sooooo nervous to go meet Katrina for a
drink! I know it is silly but I don't really know what we are going to talk about or how
the whole thing is going to go.
It feels really nice to know that I have all of your support either way ...
All of you being here and the spanks definitely help my chitterness ( not sure if that is
the correct spelling ) but I will let you all know how things went

SWF, 320x240, 23.6 MB, 31 min

Solo spanking. Clip 4

I hope everyone had an awesome Christmas!! From the sounds of it, Santa was good to almost everyone I must have been a super good girls this year because Santa spoiled me rotten ...
I am definitely not complaining ... I had such a good time but now back to reality, have to work on loosing some reminders of the holidays ... 'the few extra pounds' ...
Thanks for joining me today, going for over a week with no spanking is just a little toooooo long ....

SWF, 320x240, 20.5 MB, 27 min

Solo spanking. Clip 5

Thank you for joining me for our last session this year... sniff sniff
Hope you all have a very drunk and stumbling, sick the next day kind of New Years!!
Okay now seriously, this year has had a lot of ups and downs and I want to say a BIG THANK
YOU to all of you for being there for me ...
c u all next year!!!

SWF, 320x240, 17.6 MB, 23 min

Solo spanking. Clip 6

Thanks for joining me tonight for a few swats!! We have a new addition to the family now "clothes pins" or as it is known in other countries "pegs"!!!!!!
I am quite anxious to see all of the new possibilities ... "wink"

SWF, 320x240, 24.7 MB, 35 min

Solo spanking. Clip 7

Everybody was on the ball today!!!! Thank you everyone for joining me today in spanking myself. I don't know what I would do without spankocam on days such as this one ... uummmmmm when I have no one to deliver spanks to me ...
I am very grateful I have all of you

SWF, 320x240, 31.3 MB, 42 min
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Spanking Solo Girls. Big collection.

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