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Hey everyone! Steve here to let you know that we are extending or European tour with a second euro girl. Abbie is an exchange student from Hungry and is taking a semester of studies at USC. This girl is so nice and beautiful with the best set of natural tits I have ever seen! Well she is no different than any other college girl that needs money and is willing to do anything to pay the bills. So taking off her clothes and having sex on camera sure seems to be the easiest way. She just hopes that her ½ brother and parents don’t see what she is “Studying” abroad. Her English is not that good but I just kept telling her that she had to do everything I said and she just said “I don’t understand”? well, she understood a lot by the time she left. Enjoy! -Steve



4'-10", 90lbs, 18 year old Adrianna has the cutest Southern accent and was cheerleader in high school. Flexible enough that she could bend herself into a pretzel. I found her the day after she put up a modeling profile looking for work. A few days later, she was at my doorstep. During the shoot, I prematurely fired a few shots up her back and into her hair while she was on top bucking away. "You got it in mah haaaiyur!" She was so good that I couldn't hold it in... I'm only human! The next cumshot made its way to her face, so I heard a "You got it in maahh aaayyye!"



Alex's mom found my "Models Wanted" ad and told her to give us a call. When she emailed her photos over, I knew I'd struck gold! I brought Alex to my 'studio' and did some classy still shots. Then she got her tummy covered in cum, she swallowed a big load and topped it all off by getting anal for her very first time. Thank god for encouraging mothers!



19 year old Alli blew up my cell one slow Thursday afternoon looking for a modeling position. She told me that she'd always believed that she could be a star. Apparently, even her boyfriend was confident in her and encouraged her to go for it. Once I explained to her how things work in this business, Alli was more than happy to go the extra mile for a shot at her 15 minutes of fame. Little did my lovely Alli know that I have nothing to do with the modeling industry...Regardless, I promised her that I could make her a rich and famous model. There was just one more thing she needed to do.... a short video for my friend's website. I fucked this stupid slut silly and had her in tears from choking on my cock. She had no idea that she got played, until I kicked her out of my 'studio' and told her, "don't call me, I'll call you." Let's hope her boyfriend doesn't see this!


Exploited College Girls
Audrey Scene 1

20 year old Audrey is your typical starving student. She lives with 4 guys in a two bedroom shack and aspires to someday have an apartment all to herself. Dare to dream. After she told me her about herself, I decided to take the little bird under my wing. I started her on the road to recovery by getting her hair and makeup done. Next, I offered her some sage advice about life and her future. Fast forward a few more hours and she was sitting on my bed while staring into a camera lense. In the video, her throat gets fucked, she licks ass for her first time, takes an unexpected creampie, has an orgasm and takes a load in her mouth. She learned the hard way that my words of wisdom aren't free.


Audrey Scene 2


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[nl] best xxx movies collection exxxtreeeem

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