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Default 18 With Proof - Emily **26/06/09**

18 With Proof - Emily **26/06/09**

Emily - Jaden's adventure
Added: June 26, 2009
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There are days when it pays off to work for Cezar Capone, today was one of them. Emily decided she wanted to have an extra bit of fun today; she called me (Dommy B) and instructed me to round up J-Mac and Lil Ray Ray. I rounded the crew up and picked Emily up and we were on our way, Emily told us that Cezar was in a good mood and told Emily to take all of us out to Boomers. If you don’t know what Boomers is it’s a mini golf course, arcade, go-kart track, and it even has a roller coaster. So of course we were all excited to go especially for FREE!!! When we got there we hit the golf course with in seconds we were on the verge of getting kicked out, we probably played two holes the normal way. J-Mac can only take so much of normal so he started to whack his balls really hard; he spotted some girls a few holes ahead of us. Once one of us starts to get crazy it spreads so Ray and I...

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18 With Proof - Emily **26/06/09**

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