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Brooke Haven and Emma Heart Country Girls

Synopsis: Brooke and Emma are BFF’s who want to buy each other ponies to celebrate their friendship. Anthony quotes them a price that is way too steep from them. They decided to drive the price down……by fucking Anthony in the shade.


InTheVip Tanya James


InTheVip Tanya James Cumming again
We hit this club as hard as an alcoholic in a liquor store with a truck full of cash. The ladies did not waste time getting naked and going to town on each other. The room heated up when Ramon took the spot light with Tanya her friend. He fucked them with no holds barred. He made both of them cum all other the place with his two finger reamer action. They were not the only ones cumming all over. He did his fair share of blasted cum again and again on them. It was so hot Phoenix Marie had to jump in for some hardcore club fucking. This party is one for the record books.

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VIPcrew Sativa Rose Raunchy ranch

VIPcrew Sativa Rose Raunchy ranch
YEEEE HAAA Howdy yall. It is a dang good ol party at the el raunchy ranch. Our cowgirls were ropped in from all over the place to give the cowboys a rooting tooting good ol time. They were topless in no time when the big guns came out blazing. This party covered all aspects of a wild west orgy. Some of our ladies want to ride the bull and some wanted to ride the cowboy. Any way you look at it, the fun was overwhelming.


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Pure18 Bliss Lei Pure bliss
Bliss likes to play games. Mostly on game consoles, but she has game, and she uses it. When her game broke, she used her game to get her friend to send her brother over to fix it. Game recognizes game and once the game was in order, the games began. She grabbed handyman Voodoo and made it a point to show him what level 6 powerups were all about. He powered up in her mouth before swinging his wand into her pussy for some poundage. This was definitely the way to go for Bliss. A free fix and a facial. What more could a girl ask for?


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WeLiveTogether Brit Taste this

Brittney pays the girls a visit. Its been a while since they spent some quality time together. They are very excited to say the least. The girls prepared some deliciously looking deserts, but they end up getting creative with the toppings. What young girl does not enjoy licking chocolate off a Big sexy ass, these girls dont. After getting their fill, they take it to bedroom where the feast continues, until they produce their favorite cream topping of all.


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