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Draon Quest I - The tomboy princess is out of control!

Tentacle monsters assault princess A*ena!
This is a flash touching game with many
different endings.

An electric slime is not happy with the
social position he is in. With his ambition
and powers, he tries to gain fame and recognition
for himself.

He sets out to defeat the hero and his companions,
who have become the talk of the town amongst
monsters, in order to become a legendary
The first target on the road to this
goal is the tomboy princess!
Dragon Quest II - The tanned sisters appear!

As the sisters continue their journey to find
their fathers enemy they arrive at his castle.
However... waiting for them is an even more dangerous foe!
This time... the "encompassing darkness"
is aiming for the tanned sisters?! Stuck in
place the two are violated by tentacles!
J-Girl Impulse

Using the beloved J-Girl Train System,
NaMi and RobIn are in BIG trouble!!

Three ways to attack each character

"I'll force you to accept me no matter
how hard you matter what"
With the Rob*n's stolen seeds, experience the
"the gentle caress and forceful sex dual realities route"
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Hentai/erotic games - update daily

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