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15 illustrations w/1 alternate version for
each. A total of 30 images. Characters: Naru,
Motoko sisters, Kanako, Kitsune, Mutsumi,
Shinomu, Haruma, and Ema.
Princess Riesz

DOA XTREME 2 ~Lust vacation island~

This is a "Group Attack" novel adventure game
based on "DoAX2 (DeAd or Alive Extreme2)" Game.

Zack won with DOA again. He was hoping to get
along with Niki and to spend a great life together.
However, Zack was troubled as he had too much
sexual desire. He could not bring himself to
approach his girlfriend, Niki, just to satisfy his
sexual urge!

Because there’s no love by doing so! He thought
about the participants of DOA; Kasumi, A**ne
and Hi**mi. He attacked and humiliated Ka**mi
and A**ne then. But they escaped when the island
sank. Hi**mi did great in replace of Le**fang.
Zack decided to invite all three of them.
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Hentai/erotic games - update daily

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