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Paradise of Japan 23 Description: "These business men can't agree on what do, except bicker and taunt each other. Enter the geisha hostess and quickly the men find common ground – in her sweet body!! Sushi, sucking and fucking, so hot and salty – and more girls please! Drink up gentlemen, this meeting has only just begun!"
So, after a long day of hard driving business deals and arguments with customers and losses on the stock market, these Japanese entrepreneurs go to dinner and they still can’t relax. Ahh, but then they invite some geisha in and after the music and the saki and the games and the songs, the girls --Hinako, Sera, Ria Nanami, Mai Sawad, Ategins Norika – and the sex the mood changes and business problems go away.
The sex scenes in this one are kind of raw and feature some of the hardest sex scenes to come out of Japan. The scenes are made even hotter by the fact that the girls -- – look like the innocent girls next door. There is nothing held back in these movies, none of the sex is simulated and all of the orgasms are real. There are even English translations.
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