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Lenalee, fallen by a devil!

Lenalee the exorcist sees her liberty of innocence
taken away and she is forced to spread her legs.
Lenalee bends backward by the assaults that is
unbearable for human. She finally gives in and screams.
"Please, I'm going crazy! I can't resist anymore..
Just make me cummmm!!"

The most requested item for its animated version
among Crimson's works!
- Even if Lenalee looks ready to cum, select the
"Don't make her cum" option, and watch as she is
forced to endure more, bit by bit.
- Adjust your reactions, from forcibly cumming
inside her, to cumming outside on her face. Make
her cum in different ways, with 6 alternate variations.
- Punish and train her until she finally gives in and
pleads for release, "Please, please make me cummm!!"
And then finally, the explosive cumming scene…

Score a bombardment of multiple hits! "Assault Combo
System" is integrated.
- While bombarding Linalee with hits, the animation
of her shaking breasts increases, and your Hit Count goes up!
- Aim for 10 Hits or more with different combinations!
- While her breasts are shaking fluidly in a 30 second
frame, go ahead and pinch her nipples or inject a love potion.
- Comes equipped with many extra, different voice recordings of
her pleading.

An increasing number of tips and techniques for
improvement are provided.
- For example, "armpit licking" or "rotating piston
assault". Enjoy the different responses you receive
from experimenting with a range of different techniques.
- Comes equipped with full-motion view of all breast jiggling.
- Comes equipped with options of internal cumshot and bukkake.
- Engage the new dock-like operation panel, or alternatively
enjoy a panoramic view.
- Pause at any frame you like by using the Pause/Play button.
- Absolutely no compromise was made on any part of this game.
Please enjoy tormenting Lenalee in this game. You can be sure
it is of the highest quality.
Dolls 2

Messe Lady - Tsundere Ichaicha AVG

An adventure game in which you are to have horny
days with a big-breasted, glasses perfect girl!
Kamishiro Naoko, his classmate and the chairgirl
of the school, is an adorable girl student for him.
But she is bullish, cold, and misanthropic girl.
She seemed even never thought of him......
One day, in the old building in the school he
finds her masturbating.
Urged by the impulse, he throws her down and
take control.
And he knows that she has had a crush on him.
and told that she has a spasm which is ruining her
body little by little.
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