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Default Backroom Facials

1. Alexis
Test Driving Alexis

The second Alexis walked thru my door I thought I might have something here. Then she told me she was nineteen and I knew it was in the bag. All I had to do is let this girl think that I'm as professional as she believes and I can't fail. For example, I even let this girl leave to think about it and she still came back. I guess that old saying is true, "if you truly lust after some little slut let her go and she is probably stupid enough to return”.

2. Andrea
Andrea Gets Baptized

When this bitch walked in if I had a heart it would've sank and I would've let this little doll go, but first of all don't have a heart and two she opened her mouth and let out this awful high pitch shriek of a voice. I had to plug that hole with my cock at least as a service to society hoping to destroy the source of that torture sound. I didn't succeed in destroying her voice but I think she will think twice before she opens her mouth in a stranger’s office.

3. Avia
Desperate Dish!

Avia was kind of like a fun day for me. She was brave enough to try to bullshit me threw the interview, making this a perfect example of what happens when you try to con a conman. In this case she got spread, stuffed, and glazed.

4. Becky
Bloody Good Show

All right guys I had to leave town so I called an American friend of mine who is just as ruthless as me. As a matter of fact I almost feel sorry for any slut that has to deal with him in my absence. Like this chick that gave, we'll just call him, Lou a surprise during the physical point of the screening. She just might go home and off herself after this encounter.

5. Brooke
Ginger Elle, Brooke Stone, Max, Maxx
Brooke’s Hot Audition

This little bitch must of had ‘cum here’ tattooed on her forehead. That was all I could think about from the time she walked in. I mean who in their right mind walks out of their home dressed like a little girl and not expect to get stuffed and sprayed.

6. Butters
I’ll Buy That For A Dollar

Wouldn't you know it, this bitch is actually a ho. So knowing she probably wants to leave her ass spreading life style, I give her the good old run-around long enough to get my goods off and share the wealth with my old friend Sanchez. This bitch didn't know what hit her. So just incase your out there reading this you little bitch. It was a hot load cum! Happy Whoring L.C.

7. Catalina – Anal
Get the Pussy in the Ass

Cat... Who the fuck would want to be referred to as Cat? Oh yeah, stupid little bitches. This one walked in with one of the worst fucking attitudes I had ever seen and like a cat she didn't know when to shut up. So first, in the hope of finding peace, I cut this bitch loose to go out to be rejected by everyone else in town. Then two weeks later the Cat came back. She didn't learn much about humility so I helped her out with my big fat dick in her ass, the proven method of training cats; in fact they usually like it. While I was showering her with my hot cum I realized that having a cat around would be more of a hassle then it was worth so I set her loose again. Hoping she will find her place in this world, while trying to cross a busy freeway.

8. Christie
Getting A Job Step By Step

I can't believe how easy this bitch was. When she first entered my backroom I thought she was this stuck-up girl-next-door type. I guess it didn't take to long for her to realize who held the cards. It reminded me of my first girlfriend on Valentines Day, but the only gift this bitch got was a bad taste in her mouth.

9. Daisy
Deflowering Daisy!

What a sweet piece of ass! Now that’s the kind of girl you can take home to mom. One good stiff stroke and she's putty in your hands. A girl like Daisy, you can take to a party and share her with your friends. Anyways the whole point is that this girl is a pure slut and a good fuck. Check it out, even with a face full cum it's nothing but smiles from this fine young lady.

10. Ellie - Anal
Desperate Dish!

This is another one from my old friend; I hope I'm making him proud. This video is a perfect example of how to control and slam some ass. The whore in this episode was a little extra stupid, but hey ass is ass, it's not like your going talk to her.
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Backroom Facials

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