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11. Faith
Lou Finds Faith

This last skank was a big surprise. She looks and acts like one of those prude bitches that might fuck their boyfriend, if he was nice enough to spend all of his money and compromise all of his personal principals for her. Just so she will lie on her back and moan every two seconds, but to my surprise when it comes to fucking this bitch has natural talent. She sucks dick like a starving calf and rides cock like an aerobics instructor I once new. I got some great footage off this chick before I threw her out so enjoy.

12. Fanny Martinez
Columbian Gold

This little slut fell right into my hands and lucky me she actually knew what she was doing. However, I don't think she taught herself to please a man like that. These skills take time to shape and mold, so thank you to the past lovers of this girl, without you guys the world would turn a little colder.

13. Isis
Mommy’s Little Angel!

I wouldn't mind having seconds of Isis. I almost felt like a kid again slamming that tight little pussy. If it weren’t for that cunt ring you would think she is pure little angel sent to Earth for my fucking and my fucking alone. Anyways enjoy the show guys you know I did. L.C.

14. Jade
A Tale of a Crack Whore

This bitch belongs in one of two places: a rock concert spreading her legs for a backstage pass or on her knees in a ghetto sucking cock for crack. I couldn't tell if she was naturally a ditsy little slut or if she was strung out for her next fix. Crazy bitch or not once my cock made it into warm little mouth I knew that everything was going to workout, all over her pretty little face.

15. Julia – Anal
Foreign Relations

First off, I would just like to thank all the people out there that read my ads and send me your non-English speaking friends, with all the best intensions for your friends to break into a successful career as a actress or model. For example: Julia came to me very new to the States not knowing much about the way things works in this bizz, making my job fairly easy. I am not saying that this girl would be hard to fuck if I met her in the streets. This girl was probably born and raised to work the streets of her home country. It looks like all that changed for this bitch since she’s gotten here is the scenery.

16. Kayla
Fallen Angel

Steers and queers aren't the only things coming out of Texas. They also have a mother load of wholesome little debutants ripe for the corrupting. Kayla for example, came into my office with a very special dream of glamour and high society. To bad that beautiful dream had to be crushed along with any hope of leading a respectful life. I'm going to make lots of cash off this bitch. Sorry Tex this bitch is mine now.

17. Keely – Anal
Keely’s 1st Anal Interview

I've been dying to get one of these bitches in my office. Take a good look at this little slut, she could very easily become your rich uncle’s new wife, despite her young age. She is a pure whore. She does not even know. These kinds of sluts are always in search of their soul mates, which usually is in a wealthy man's bank statement. That is why I had to slam this bitch in her ass then grant her a shower of cum that she will never forget.

18. Kelly
Easy Does It

What can I say about Kelly... Whore.

19. Kens
Another Charity Case

Here we have a true debutant, this girl was actually foolish enough to think that I was going to help her leave Miami, and have her fall out my grip, I think not. Let me tell you there is nothing better then turning a poor little innocent girl into my own dirty little profit, which is what I do. Watch and enjoy.

20. Latifa
Another Day Another Facial

Latifa is just your average part-time waitress whore. She wanted to get a better job. I wanted her to suck my dick and then fuck me silly. We did what I wanted. Shame she could not ride my dick worth a damn, I should just cum in her face and kick her sorry ass out of my office.
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Backroom Facials

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