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31. Precious
A Precious Moment

My first filmed conquest came to me from the poor side of town. She had a survivor’s attitude but was still just a stupid dirty little whore that will let me do anything to her for a chance to make a few bucks. A few lies, a little pressure, and she is on her knees.

32. Rebeca moanal
Ramming Rebeca

Happy Thanksgiving. Everybody, you know I have a good one for you. In fact, the day I dug into this hole, I was getting ready to head out to my in-law’s house for the holiday weekend. This little bitch was on her last semester of college, so she managed to develop an ego. Which only took the promise of cash and five minutes on her knees to break down. Too bad I was in a hurry or I might've taken the time to actually make her part of my winning team hear at Backroom Talents.

33. Samantha
Look Dad I Made It

What is with these chicks skipping out on a free ride? This girl came to me, right out of her daddy's financial shelter. She must really want to make him proud sucking and fucking to claim her independence from his nest. Sorry dad this bitch is mine now.

34. Simone
Ripe For the Picking

This little whore Simone wants to become a psychologist. Like I always said, “people who want to become psychologist, do it so they can know that there are people worse then them out in the world”. I make sure to give her some psychological scares during her ‘interview’, by having her bark like a dog to answer questions, fuck her silly, and then give her a nice bath of warm cum over her pretty little whore face. I’m sure she’ll write some psych paper on her experience here, so it is not a total loss for her.

35. Sindy – Anal
Selena Silver
Cock Files

Oh no another little bitch has been dumped by her sugar daddy!!! What should I do? umm............... I got it. First I'll cheer her up by shoving my cock down her throat. Then I might as well go ahead and fuck her while mocking her homeland's dialect. But wait that's not all! As long she is here, I’ll welcome this whore to America properly, with a LONG FAT Cock up her ass!! Yeah that's good, but something is still missing. What could it be? Oh yeah a hot load shot in this little bitches eye to finish things up.

36. Teresa
Another One On Me

Great another stupid slut, that needs me to repeat everything I say. She complains that I didn’t explain any of this to her over the phone. A almost kicked this bitch out of my office. I knew she could not handle the ‘job’ and even told her so before she started to suck my cock. I wrote on her just to demean her a little more. Although I did take some joy in writing ‘Bitch’ on her back. This dumb slut still sucked and fucked me and I am sure she will figure out I abused her in a month or so.

37. Tina
Training Trina

Here we have a true debutant, this girl was actually foolish enough to think that I was going to help her leave Miami, and fall out my grip, I think not. Let me tell you there is nothing better then turning a poor little innocent girl into my own dirty little profit, which is what I do. Watch and enjoy.

38. Vilaria
Casting Vilaria

“I wasn’t prepared for this,” the slut said as I probe her pussy. I think I did this slut a favor, she was just a sorry bitch and I helped her realize it. She could suck my dick properly so I had to shove my dick down her throat, just so I could abuse her the best way I know how.

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