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Default Re: [RS][NL] 2006 Bangbus Episodes

Ron Jeremy on the motha fucking bus, enough said!
December 20, 2006

Man this is fucking crazy, My uncle Ron Jeremy decided to ride out with us on a hunt for some pussy. I mean I learned all my tricks from this guy. He is truly a legend in my eyes. This guy has fucked so many women, I mean in the thousands. He truly is my hero. Anyways so we rode out to Hialeah, and we see this cutie just getting out of the mall, we go up to her and ask her to talk to us, but she wasn't budgeing. So as I'm listening to Ron, she walks away, so we follow her again out to the parking lot and after some major convincing, and some offering of money, she gets in the van. So I tell her that Ron is like the best massage therapist in all of Miami Dade, and I tell her to try him. He starts to massage her, and the next thing, I know they were all making out in the bus, (There was money involved, I must admit!) and then the next thing I know she's sucking on his cock, then he licks her pussy, while he's fingering her, and then they fuck. The fucked for a while. It was great, I mean this girl had no idea who Ron really was. The sex was hot to say the least. So these two ended up asleep on the back of the bus when it was all over. Just as I'm contemplating how to kick this girl of the van. She tells me to stop and pee. Bingo! Do I even have to tell you what happens next. Uncle Ron had a fit. He wanted to go back for her but it was to late. Anyway, one to watch to say the least. The Dirty One....


Nautica's big bubble butt.....
December 27, 2006

Oh hell ya! That chick Nautica was amazing! She had one of those thick black chick booties. What an ass on this girl. Jarrod laid that pipe. He put it on that girl. This girl was a nympho man. We met her going into some underground strip club/ swingers bar/ orgy party place. We didn't actually go in but there are a lot of places like that one in Miami and it's a great place to meet a freaky girl like Nautica. That girl liked the money but to be honest I think if I would have sweet talked her a bit more she would have done it for free. She was just in it for the sexual good time. For the most part anyway! So speaking about sexual. Sex with this girl was great. She was feeling my boy Blumkin. He hit it man. This girls tits were great too. I felt a bit guilty leaving her on the side of the road. I must say it was a classic. She was bitching because we were smoking in the car and she wanted some fresh air. I'm sure she got plenty of fresh air walking back to her car. It was about ten miles. Check her out in the trailer. You'll love what you see. Enjoy! –Sanchez

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[RS][NL] 2006 Bangbus Episodes

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