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Our "Lady of the Open Thighs" and "DNA Cocktails - Stirred but Not Shaken" has I know, taken part in hundreds of gangbangs but very little has been released in picture or film and what has is just glimpses of the overall encounters. Surely when she decides to film a GB she has the whole thing filmed not just the bits she has released? This makes me believe that there is a lot more, that one day, will surface for our viewing pleasure.

Sadly my next offering, as you would expect from what I have just said, is one such event but not just any event; it's a full blown interracial creampie gangbang. A dozen or so black guys play "What's Mine, Is Yours" with her as they inseminate her at liesurely pace. As a bonus I have added another download; a series of 20 animated gifs featuring a lot of events which have not been released as clips/movies including her famous adult theatre appearances in Florida which she arranged through her Yahoo Group (sometimes on a weekly basis) where ANY member of her Group (numbering thousands) could go and drop a load in her. Anyway onto the IRCP gangbang, she is on her back, thighs wide, with a black bull up to his nuts inside her pussy that is leaking sperm from previous lodgers. The GB takes place in a large residence and the black guys can be seen chatting and watching TV as they wait their turn, in the background. More great stuff to follow = here is the clip and animated gifs:


The Clip (Password = legend):

The Animated GIFs (Password = legend) (Open using Internet Explorer or appropriate software):
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Michelle's Amatuer Creampie Pussies

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