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Default SP-1179 Eugene Onegin

SP-1179 Eugene Onegin

SP-1179 Евгений Онегин

Director: Tatyana Taneyeva (Татьяна Танеева)

Year 2003

Cast: Alexandra, Zlata, Tatyana Belousova (Александра, Злата, Татьяна Белоусова)

Length 2h07

After all the mindless sex of the previous posts it is the time to raise the intellectual level of this thread in preparation for the weekend.

For this, nothing better than Eugene Onegin (Евгений Онегин) the classic poem and masterpiece of the World literature by Aleksandr Sergeyevich Pushkin reproduced in many movies and... in an obscene parody that circulated on tape in the underground circuit of the former Soviet Union.

If you want to know more about Onegin's original poem go to and you can find its full English translation at

This great classic of the literature was also the inspiration for Tchaikovsky's only Opera. More about the Opera at

Here we have Eugene Onegin SPb version, following the 70's parody plot with only a few twists to Pushkin's original and using in the soundtrack some famous and beautiful excerpts of Tchaikovsky's opera.

Onegin is a wealthy dandy that enjoys life in a great city when he inherits a country house after his uncle's death as a consequence of a few excesses with a couple of country girls (1st sex scene).

After moving to his new countryside house, Onegin starts to enjoy his new life with the diligent help of one of the plump country girls he also "inherited" from is uncle (3rd sex scene).

Later Onegin makes friendship with his neighbor Lensky, a pitiful character that sniffs cocaine all the time. In the XIX century????

Lensky brings Onegin to dine with Olga his fiancée and her family. Tatyana, Olga's older sister gets quite hot with Onegin's presence and releases the pressure masturbating and in a lesbian session with a girl servant (4th scene).

But Tatyana is not really interested in other girls. What she wants is Onegin. So, she proposes to him by letter.

Onegin does not care much for Tatyana but he does not miss the opportunity to take away her virginity (5th sex scene).

Later, during a party in Olga and Tatyana's house two couples have a lot of fun (6th sex scene) but to her despair Onegin totally ignores Tatyana.

Instead of corresponding to Tatyana's wishes, Onegin flirts with Olga, her sister and fiancé to his friend Lensky. Actually, he beds her in this SPb version (7th sex scene). Incapable of accepting this humiliation Lensky challenges Onegin for a duel and he is shot dead.

Onegin flees the countryside and for two years he does not see Tatyana.

Onegin and Tatyana meet again during a ball in St. Petersburg where she lives after marrying. Now it is Onegin that falls in love and tries to conquer Tatyana just to be repeatedly rejected. Even if she admits to be still in love with Onegin, Tatyana remains faithful to her marriage.

This is the essential of Pushkin's original plot that SPb follows quite well adding only "a bit" of spicing here and there and introducing a few new characters to Pushkin's story like Onegin's (rather young) mother and her lover in the 2nd sex scene!!! Besides the sex for our viewing pleasure I have no idea what they are doing there.

An interesting deviation from the original in SPb's plot is the way as Tatyana rejects Onegin in the 8th and final sex scene. Instead of sending him away she decides to humiliate him by taking two lovers at the same time.

After all this don't forget that:

- Opera differs from porn because opera is to listen and porn is to watch.

- But they are also similar because both in opera and porn the plot does not really matter.

Porn can be more than just sex, it can also have humor and be fun. So, have fun.

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