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I have been with you 3 years and was a super-mod till my cancer treatments I asked months ago for my password to hardpressed and you would not answer me Now i have a login of oldwizzardofoz and your new guys are infracting me for a signature which i have had 3 years can you acknowledge If i did something to make you mad? Mu moderator was taken away I am in remission now and can still do spam and security? I always told you when someone was stealing from you like the last guy that was harvesting your intire forum at... I never even got a thankyou lol I still have sticky with hardpressed and cant use. Are you still my friend or forgotten me? Please fix things for me ok cant i atleast have a honorary Moderator / Like they give at MIT to there speakers. love to have my old name back "Hardpressed" someone hacked it and i couldn't get you to send me a new pass because my email was so old and have a new address I gave you a pm Thanks can i have my security job back
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Forum trouble?

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