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Rape of the nurse in infernal hospital (HONAMI TAKASAKA)

The Description: Adding settle down on new work, woman-physician (working previously nurse) becomes the witness repugnant scene. The Young trainee tried изнасиловать nurse. The Woman pulls aside from girl mad man (obviously residing under the action of narcotic material). In spite of this event, the following day gallant спасительница even so leaves on work. On completion of the workday, locked its cabinet, woman notices the strange door, guiding to subsidiary premises.Prislushavshisi, she hears some blubbering and moans...
Having Ed this, the following day she again approaches to strange door..
Her(its) is enough whose-that strong hand , door flies open and woman turns out to be in the authorities maniac in medical cloth. That happened further, will appear in the dreams her whole remained life...........

Recommend .it is enough realistic. The Splendid play of the actress!
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