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Body Lover (1993) - sub English

Begins where Eva left off, but with the same actors playing different characters ! Kit is undercover in Fung's gang. His cover is to run a group of clubs in Thailand, partly in Pattaya. His wife Ching is killed in an operation, but the moll of Hung's boss Lung looks just like her. Lung has a lethal lady sidekick, Eva, who likes lifting weights in the nude and brutally killing Lung's enemies. Kit proceeds to sew disorder in the organization.


Jigeum sarangha-neun saramgwa salgo issumnika? [2007]

Also Known As:
Changing Partners (International: English title)
Love Now (International: English title)

User Rating: 6.1/10

Yun-su Jeon
Jin Kim (writer)
Seon-mi Kim (writer)
Release Date:
15 August 2007 (South Korea)


Man, Woman And The Wall (2007)

When Ryo, a young magazine reporter, moves into a new apartment he is greeted by the passionate sounds of his astonishingly beautiful neighbor Satsuki. Realizing the wall dividing their apartments is paper thin, the captivated journalist begins to eavesdrop on every detail of the girl next door's life: her conversations, her bubble baths... her breathless cries. While Ryo's fantasies escalate into something bordering on love and obsession, Satsuki becomes increasingly hysterical over the bizarre and dirty phone calls terrorizing her every night. When their lives finally converge delusions and reality blur forcing the unthinkable to happen.


Plume Perverse



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