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Dr Tannou

This adult flash game is in Japanese and is
about a doctor performing an examination on
a girl. The game has three scenes, the first
is just talking with the girl and can be skipped.
The second examination scene lets you touch and
partially strip her. Depending on how well you
do she can become very excited and fall off it
examination table. The third scene is treatment
when you can strip her naked and perform even more
malpractice including inserting a thermometer.
Disappointingly the game has no actual sex at the end.
Some things, like using the thermometer in scene three,
can only be done if you play all the scenes from the start.
SIZE: 29.42 Mb

Lisa in the cage

Female Warrior Risa loses in battle and is taken
prisoner to a secret cave...
..and is sexually assaulted by a strange lewd
beast made of slime, born from the mysterious girl Mai!

Risa is at first defiant of the slimy beast, but,
as the beast continues to fulfill his desires, she
slowly becomes his sex slave.
While being subjected to endless bukkake and come shots,
will she lose the most important thing to any warrior --
her pride?
SIZE: 207.69 Mb

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Hentai/erotic games - update daily

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