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Default Re: Spanking! Gorgeous Disobedient Girls, Beautiful Bottoms!! (Update Daily)!!!

Backhand Foreplay
Starring Veronica Ford & Elise di Medici

We ventured outdoor for the first time in this one, but only had the courage to film the set up once we did. This was also Elise's first spanking video and Veronica really showed her the ropes!
It's hot, it's hard...and two girlfriends with a grudge give each other their best swats. And, that's just the tennis match!

Downloading Video CP-30Clip1.wmv | 27.5Mb

Politically Corrected
Starring Cleo Nichole & Dorothy LaineWe discovered we liked getting outdoors for set ups. So we did it again right away. It really gave the productions more dimension. Also, this was the first for Cleo AND Dorothy. Both were brought back again and again!
Cleo and Dorothy are friends divided by their support of rival congressional candidates. Dorothy is the traditionalist whose support of old fashioned discipline means that Cleo is in for a bare bottom session to punish her for campaign transgressions! But Dorothy's game of hanky-spanky with the "law & order" candidate gives Cleo all fuel she needs for revenge.

Downloading Video CP-31Clip1.wmv | 26.2Mb
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Spanking! Gorgeous Disobedient Girls, Beautiful Bottoms!! (Update Daily)!!!

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