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Cure Moon Dog

DQ2's Princess Moonb*rg is attacked and
forced into a pleasure hell.
Thieves kidnap the princess and she gets
sold as a slave. As a sex slave she is then
trained by the men. The perverts enjoy it the
more she struggles and just keep toying with
her body, eventually turning her into no more
than a dog that pants in enjoyment and begs for more.
SIZE: 48.30 Mb

Touch! Trouble click!

Kidnapped, the two girls find themselves in
a dark warehouse.
And scary creatures from outer space are
standing before them..

Something happens when you click on their body!?
-Undressing mode: spit the liquid to melt the
-Touching mode: find the sensible spot!
-Erotic events: you can choose the options of
the cross-sectional view and effect texts. Fully

Click Spot Assault Adventure
Click on the spots that make Y*ko react, to remove
her clothes, tease her, and then...
Ejaculating inside, selectable area bukkake scenes,
all you could want!
SIZE: 265.74 Mb

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Hentai/erotic games - update daily

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