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Jewel Knights Crusades

Welcome to the erotic world of Jewel Knights -
Crusaders, a hilarious parody of Japan's famous
"Sentai" (battle team) anime and live-action
television! You are Ginji, a Japanese youth whose
two hobbies are girls and getting into fights. One
night, while walking in a dark alley, he comes across
three beautiful females wearing bizarre outfits
battling monsters from another dimension. Against
his better judgement, he gets involved in the battle,
and before he knows it, he's flat on his back. Waking
up in the hospital, he's surprised to see one of the
girls there: she'd brought him to the hospital after
he was injured. The girl introduces herself as Yuki
Meno, and tells Ginji an interesting secret: with her
two friends Ruri and Hisui, she is a member of a group
dedicated to defending peace and justice, called the
Jewel Knights, which fights the evil organization Ragnarokkr.
SIZE: 121.11 Mb


Slaves Blade

SIZE: 41.76 Mb

Slaves Blade 2

Erina and Menace, now slaves of the flesh,
are abused in many kinds of situations.

This is a CG collection featuring Erina and
Menace from QueeN's Blade.
Ejaculation, anal sex, triple penetration,
bukkake, impregnation, humiliation, XXXXXX,
gangbang, bestiality, futanari, tentacle. etc.
SIZE: 59.28 Mb

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Hentai/erotic games - update daily

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