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Default Re: Spanking! Gorgeous Disobedient Girls, Beautiful Bottoms!! (Update Daily)!!!

Red Hot Ratings
Starring Johnni Black & Venus DeLight

Super tongue-in-cheek and super funny. Played just right by both girls. This one still makes us laugh today!
Television will never be the same if this sizzling interview is ever aired! Johnni is the ever-smiling, sweet-but-tough talk show host. Venus is the radiant movie star whose wrath is incurred when Johnni brings up some naughty film projects from Venus' past. Ratings soar and so the director says more! Johnni is left with no choice but to give as she's received!

Downloading Video CP-33Clip1.wmv | 30.5Mb

The Spanking Match
Starring Stella DuBois & Elise di Medici

Our first real response to a view request. Girls in pantyhose wrestling and spanking. We were doubtful, but it turned out HOT!
Stripped to their pantyhose for a wrestling match squirming and wriggling, two competitive waitresses find it difficult to get a good, clean pin. There's always a good submission hold to use when all others fail. And, the one these competitors favor involves pinning their opponent well enough to administer stinging spankings to the other's vulnerable backsides!

Downloading Video CP-32Clip1.wmv | 23.5Mb
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Spanking! Gorgeous Disobedient Girls, Beautiful Bottoms!! (Update Daily)!!!

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