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Eternal Wind - Wind & Fire Crystals

This is a fully voiced collection of CG images
featuring only Re*ia from the DS version of FFIII,
shown in erotic situations in all jobs.

This is a collaboration effort between the circles
sys3.6.3. and HYPER BRAND.
Zanqrou and Ishihara Masumi have done an erotic
rendition of the jobs obtained from the fire and wind crystals.
Because this product is fully voiced, Re*ia's voice
will add even more atmosphere to the scenes.

In addition, the images have been animated with
AfterEffects, and part of the CG has been made
interactive by means of Flash. You can change the
speed of the action with a button, and cross over
to the finishing moment at will.
Because Zanqrou has created animations of the SD
character changing jobs, you can enjoy this product
just by selecting CG images.
SIZE: 221 Mb

Ero SuperRobo

Erotic/domination CG collection of the heroines
of Super Robot Wars, Kusuha and Zeola.

Animation movie is the main content of this work.

Kusuha is violated by the people in civilian rioters
of the city.
Zeora is used as a sex slave for soldiers.
SIZE: 34.5 Mb

Orihime Yuna

Orihime Yuna is an animated and fully-voiced
ADV featuring a holy knight and her princess -- and
demons who can't get enough!!

In the large and powerful kingdom of Albus, the hand
a demon draws nearer and nearer to the next successor
of the throne, Princess Yuna.

The tragic tale of the princess and her protector,
a holy knight named Tenel who would give her life to
protect Yuna, is just beginning, as the demons have
made the princess their target...

*Orihime Yuna is an fully voiced animated adventure
game where you decide the pace

Includes loop animations of the event scenes!

With the automatic loop function, you can listen to
every last note of their grievous screams, and watch
their trembling bodies quiver... or you can skip the
scenes you want to with our player. It's up to you!

SIZE: 132 Mb

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